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Utilising high-quality hardware is a key element of any construction or home improvement project.

Here at Ballynahinch Building Supplies we help customers access premium hardware at wonderfully competitive prices. From fixings to bolts, screws, paint brushes and more, we strive to provide customers with excellent products designed to help your building work progress as efficiently as possible.

nail, screws & bolts in belfast


Plasterboard Fixings


Masonary Fixings

Concrete Fixings

Nail Express Anchors

Wall Plugs

Insulation Fixings

Chemical Anchor

Frame Fixings

nails, screws & bolts in ballynahinch

Bolts & Screws

Screw Bolts

Roofing Bolts

Threaded Bar

Wood Screws

Drywall Screws

Self Tapping Screws

Tek Screws

hardware supplies in belfast



Paint Brushes



Cable Reels

Pad Bolts

Tower Bolts


Rotarary Clothes Lines

Ropes & Straps

Cable Ties

Wheelie Bins

Dust Bins

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